Larry Is Home

Larry was released from in-hospital care this week and was able to return home to sleep in his own bed. He is still participating in strenuous physical therapy and rehab, though, on a out-patient basis and can’t have over stimulation until he is further along with his rehab process.

No Social Media, Please

Larry has been moved to a physical therapy/rehab facility and is working very hard. If you visit, the family asks that you please respect his privacy and not make any social media posts about his condition or the visit. Thanks!


We ask that visitors come after 3:00 PM. Larry does a lot of physical therapy in the morning, and when he’s done, he needs time to rest and recover. Thanks!

Greater Than 1

Larry’s daughter Emily is a beautiful dancer. She recently created this amazing dance dedicated to her dad. You’ve got this, Larry!

July 5th | Steady Progress

Larry has been making steady, but slow progress. He was moved to a new room where it will be easier for him to receive the much needed physical therapy each day. He will be undergoing PT a couple times a day to help him regain his speech, movement, and the ability to eat solid foods. Right now, Lar-Dog is responding to commands, looking at visitors, and remaining awake for a couple hours at a time. He also did very well on a swallow test with the speech therapist yesterday. He successfully chewed some ice cubes and swallowed them. Over stimulation can be taxing on his brain, and at times, he just wants to sleep. Each day, though, brings new milestones and exciting progress.